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Crowdfunding Campaign for

The Last Padawan 2

In the fall of 2017, we embarked on a new adventure. An adventure where we would need all the help we could get. 

At the end of 2016, we released our short film ‘The Last Padawan – A short Star Wars Story’. The creation of the film was an adventure of its own, an adventure we wanted to continue. A crowdfunding campaign for the sequel was set in motion. The goal was to show our intention to follow in the footsteps of great adventure movies and continue the saga of the lonely Padawan. We love a challenge and these adventure films have always been an exciting excuse to step into the STAR WARS universe and try to come up with something new and thrilling for the STAR WARS fans.

When making ‘The Last Padawan 2 – Crowdfunding Trailer’ We were really excited to reveal that the Inquisitor survived his first encounter with the Padawan. Our goal was to show how the encounter changed him but also to give a new insight into his world.

“Filled with hate he stands on the bridge of a Star Destroyer. A beaten man, totally alone. He stares into the dark galaxy, completely focused on his goal, his path to redemption: Killing the last Padawan – Director’s notes.

The story demanded that we had to see the inside of a Star Destroyer. We managed this by filming actor Bo Thomas, in a homemade-green-screen-studio. That way we were able to remove the background and place him into the amazing computer-generated environments made by visual effects artist Andreas Hørby and director Jesper Tønnes.

What we love so much about working on these Star Wars fan films is, that it’s not only about Star Wars or the adventure. It’s also about film history and exploring new ways of telling exciting stories while standing on the shoulders of the giants that came before us.