SHORT FILM / 19:28


Every year more than 100.000 people take the pilgrimage to a field outside of Roskilde, DK. They do it for music. They do it for love. They do it for THE ORANGE FEELING.

The Roskilde Festival, which is a huge Danish music festival, is a huge part of the Danish summer culture. It’s a week of living in a tent with your best friends and listing to some of the best music in the world.  When scouting for a new film project, Director Jesper Tønnes, saw the festival as an interesting setting for a short film about an introvert young man’s personal self-discovery.

The story ended up being based on a large number of authentic “Roskilde Stories” from the team behind the film. Most significantly Screenwriter: Dennis Kræmer, Producer: Svend M. Holst, Cinematographer: Mathias Kruse and Director: Jesper Tønnes.

The film’s production was a true rock n’ roll adventure. The film was shot on location, at Roskilde in the middle of some of the Festivals most iconic traditions and settings. The crew lived on the Festival-grounds during production, inside the camp where the film was shot. And although a couple drunk people occasionally would jump in front of the camera because they “Wanted to be on TV” everyone involved in the film managed to keep going and, in the end, achieve the ORANGE FEELING.