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Plan, Prep, Prepare!

PLAN: A key principle in every Rebel Pictures production is that quality storytelling emerges from good planning. For our crowdfunding trailer, we had to do a fight between our Padawan and a Scout trooper. The fight itself was a take on a classic type of fight scene, where an underdog hero fights a physically superior foe and beats him by being clever instead of strong.

PREP: Doing preproduction we suspected that shooting in the middle of the Wadden Sea, during low tide, could turn out to be a stressful situation. (We suspected correctly.) So after writing the script and storyboarding the scene, it was decided to explore the scene even further by pre-visualizing it. The scene was animated in 3D, with some basic models. It looked rough, but this gave the team the possibility to be more precise when prepping and choosing what angles they needed to shoot on location.

PREPARE: When prepping was done, the talented actor (and intimidating tall guy), Rasmus Skaarup was brought onboard. Rehearsals were completed and we shot at test-version of the entire scene with Director Of Photography: Mathias Tegtmeier, and Director: Jesper Tønnes, there to prepare, rehearse and adjust the shooting of the scene.

When the time came and we arrived on location, on a cold October day, as the tide was going out, the plan was ready.
And even though the weather and some equipment were misbehaving, the crew led by First Assistant Director: Martin Edelberth and Guest Director: Emil Dam Seidel always had the plan to lean on.

If you like the work we do, please help us with the opportunity to continue planning, prepping and preparing our sequel! Join the adventure and support our crowdfunding campaign here:

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