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Back in the old days

Before computers and digital cameras, the only way to share the vision of ‘your movie’ was to hire a concept artist. He would then use his artistic skill with a pencil to draw and paint your vision unto paper for others to see. This was also done with the original star wars films (1977). George Lucas hired concept artist Ralph McQuarrie to help establish the saga’s visual aesthetic, its inimitable look and feel. McQuarrie’s work was so amazing that his work is still being used today as inspiration for all the new Star Wars stories being told. Of course, we wanted to take part in that tradition as well. When we had to design the view, that would be reflected in the Inquisitores window, we saw it as a cool opportunity to reference some of McQuarrie’s work.

What we love so much about working on these Star Wars fan films is, that it’s not only about Star Wars or the adventure. It’s also about film history and exploring new ways of telling exciting stories while standing on the shoulders of the giants that came before us.

The shot was designed by director Jesper Tønnes and realized by VFX Jedi Master, Andreas Hørby Clausen.

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